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Darmstadt, the City

city map
Above you should see a map of Darmstadt with places of interest noted in red. For a better view click on the map to see a bigger copy.

Darmstadt is an industrial city of 150,000 inhabitants located about thirty kilometers south of Frankfurt am Main. Numerous higher education institutions are located there and the biggest of them is TU Darmstadt. With your student pass you are entitled to free transportaion. Busses and trams run every five to fifteen minutes and are always on time. The city is actually small enough that you could easily walk everywhere on foot. Like just about everywhere in Germany, Darmstadt is a very safe city.

Let me show you whats where in Darmstadt:
Luisenplatz - City center. Most busses and trams stop here.
Audiomax building - Most of the administration offices are located in this building and some of your classes might have lectures here.
Mensa - One of two university cafeterias is located here. Food is very cheap and actually better than dorm food at UIUC.
Most of computer science and computer engineering lectures will be given in either of these two buildings.
"ECE" building.
Four city blocks located around #6 are full of shops where you can find everything from food to cell phones. Aldi is the cheapest supermarket but Minimal (at Luisencenter basement) has the best selection. For cell phones go to D2/Vodafone which has best prices.
Auslandsamt - Here you will have to register with german government after your arrival, and here you will receive your student visa.
Karlshof - Most exchange students live at Karlshof dorms. You get there by taking bus H.
Lichtwiese - At Lichtwiese you will find college of architecture as well as the second cafeteria and "IMPIE". You get there with bus L or tram 9.
Hauptbahnhof - Train station. Buses H and D and tram 3 go there.

Luisenplatz Darmstadt sunset Quiet street Park German flowers Museum Wolrd Soccer Championship 2002
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